A Natural Detox With a Twist

A Natural Detox with a twist
A Natural Detox with a twist
If you were with me in April and May, you may recall that I was running Core Values Detox during that time. I had expected that particular detox to be a one time offering. It turns out that I will be offering it again in October with a bit of a twist.

The focus of Core Values Detox as originally designed was on digestion. Taking things out that are known to cause digestive issues in order to identify any possible sensitivities. So what’s the twist I’m adding?

Those of us with chemical sensitivity have an excess build up of toxins stored in out bodies. It may be that our bodies have had so much exposure that they can no longer go remove them fast enough. Or it could be that there are issues that prevent our bodies from detoxing these toxins. I never believe that anything is so simple as to have only one cause. Therefore, I suspect that it is some combination of both of these issues.

So the twist is this: We’ll be adding in some foods, supplements and activities that are known to help the body to detox toxins. The hows and whys of these things can be complicated. The liver has 2 phases of detoxification. And its second phase has six different pathways, depending upon the particular toxins involved. In tweaking the Core Values Detox, I’ll be focusing on those pathways that are known to help get rid of the external chemical toxins that make us sensitive.

As in the original Core Values Detox, this is an all natural detox. The plan will be centered on whole foods. All of it natural. Sure there will be some supplements. But the foods you’ll be eating will be whole foods. No processed foods. No GMOs. No liquid diets. No ‘fake’ foods.

Another twist is for the benefit of everyone who didn’t know what to expect in a detox. I’ll be doing the detox myself in early September. And for the 10 days of the detox, I’ll be blogging at least once a day. In those blog posts I’ll be letting you all know about my experiences. That will include how it affects my mood, my sleep, and, well, pretty much everything!

I think it will be an interesting experiment. As the time draws near, I’ll let you know the exact dates and the URL so you can follow along. Please be sure to stop by and provide encouragement. It’s going to be a bit lonely doing it on my own.

What burning questions do you have about participating in a detox? Leave them below and I’ll incorporate the answers into my 10 day detox blog sessions.
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