Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Does Not Bring Good Health

Affordable Care Act
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A fellow health coach recently wrote a blog post on Why the Affordable Care Act Will Not Improve Our Health. Her analysis was spot on. The entire law misses the point. There are definitely times when we need medical doctors, but we’ve come to rely on them to fix health issues that are avoidable. The costs associated with “health care” should really be called “illness care”. We don’t have a system that encourages health. We have a system that treats the symptoms of illnesses that could be prevented.

What we need more of is education. People need to better know the things that impact health and how to have better health. We’ve been led to believe that, whatever the illness, there’s a pill that will fix it. But do those pills really fix the illness?

Our system is broken. It needs help. But the ACA will only make the situation worse. It will encourage people to continue with their bad habits because they’ll get medical care when their sick. And the healthy will pay for the bad habits of others.

Which do you want for yourself and your family? Good health? Or a system that pays the costs for you bad health? If you choose the latter option, remember this: The government doesn’t earn its money. The only money the government has to spend comes from the taxpayers – you and me.

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