Alternative Seasonal Allergy Solutions

Alternative-Seasonal-Allergy-SolutionsI saw this blog post last week on surviving cedar fever. I encourage you to read this helpful post. It reminded me of a few alternative tips that can help you cope with your seasonal allergy suffering. Perhaps even lessen your symptoms. AND, these tips will work year round to lessen the symptoms of any allergy.

Years ago, I tried to be a part of a research study on Mountain Cedar allergies. They started with a series of allergy tests – among them, of course, was cedar fever. I tested positive for Mountain Cedar along with a laundry list of other common allergens. (Including cats – just don’t tell my kitties, OK?) Ultimately, I was turned down for the study because I have too many allergies.

While I am allergic to Mountain Cedar, I have never suffered to the extent that some of my friends have. I think I know why. And if you follow my tips below, you may also find some unexpected relief. The reason is pretty simple. My tips are about avoiding toxins. Toxins that cause us harm in various ways. Among those it that they are very taxing to our immune systems. And a taxed immune system will over-react to allergens you are exposed to. Here are my tips:

Seasonal Allergy Alternatives

  1. Fragrances – Get rid of them. All of them. In your laundry, in your personal care products, in your air. Some of the worst offenders are air fresheners, laundry products (read: dryer sheets), and hair care products. If it lists ‘fragrance’ in the ingredient list or talks about it’s smell or fragrance, then it is out!
  2. Pesticides – Pesticides are used in virtually all conventionally grown foods. To totally avoid them, you would need to go 100% organic. That’s a lot to ask of any of us, and isn’t something that I do myself. Yet there are some foods with more pesticides than others. The Environmental Working Group maintains a list they call The Dirty Dozen – the foods most contaminated with pesticides.
  3. Food additives – The list of food additives is long. Some of the worst ones are aspartame, MSG (monosodium glutamate), and food dyes. But there are many, many more. The easy way to avoid many of them is to eat out less and eat fewer processed foods.
  4. Synthetic hormones in milk – rBST (recombinant bovine somatotropin) and rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) are given to cows to boost milk production. You can avoid these by buying organic milk. To learn more see this post: The ONE Thing You Should Buy Organic.
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If you suffer with Cedar Fever, I have a challenge for you: Try my tips. If it all seems overwhelming, then try just avoiding as many fragrances as possible. For years, that was the only tip on this list that I followed.

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6 thoughts on “Alternative Seasonal Allergy Solutions”

  1. I already do all of the things you listed above, but I still suffer with cedar fever and oak almost kills me. What else can I do?

    1. Ashley – I’m so sorry to hear that. I do know that making my home 100% fragrance-free helped out family. That was the hardest thing to do since so many laundry & personal care products have fragrance in them.

      Another possibility is an undiagnosed sensitivity or allergy that is contributing to the problem.

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