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Why Buy Bread Crumbs?

Money Saver
Photo Courtesy Images_of_Money via Flickr

The name itself “bread crumbs” begs the question: “Why spend money on this?” Seriously, why did I ever go to the store to buy crumbs? Another question for you: “What do you do with all those odd ends or heels of bread?” I have one answer to both questions.

Make your own bread crumbs! It’s easy and inexpensive. And, since I quit buying anything processed, my bread crumbs are made from my own home-made bread! Here’s how to do it:

  • Save up all your heels of bread or bread that’s gone a bit stale. Put them in a gallon zip lock bag in your freezer.
  • When your supply builds up a bit, take out all that bread. If any of it is thicker than a slice of bread, slice it thinner.
  • Put it in your dehydrator at about 110 degrees for several hours – until dry & crunchy.
  • If you don’t have a dehydrator, put them on a cookie sheet in the oven at 200 for an hour or two. You’ll want to turn them occasionally.
  • Cool your bread if it was in the oven.
  • Run through your blender or food processor until the crumbs reach your desired texture.
  • If you have lots of bread, you’ll need to do it in batches.
  • Store in an air-tight container.

Saving Money At the Grocery

Money Saver
Photo Courtesy Images_of_Money via Flickr
Today I have 2 short items that can help you save money at the grocery store.

First, do you use coupons at the store? I quit collecting them years ago. There are some things that I buy based on brand, but often I buy based on price. And frequently I found that the coupon was for a more costly brand and that even after applying the coupon, I was paying more. Today, I buy very, very little at the grocery. We start at the farmers markets and rarely buy processed foods.

Second, do you always buy the larger size because you think it is cheaper? I used to do that. But then I started noticing that it wasn’t always true. Today, I’ll do my research. Often at the store the signs under an item will give you a cost for comparison. If not, I’ll calculate the price each or price per pound or whatever to determine which is a better value. It’s easier now because most cell phones have a calculator function on them. Try it the next time you’re at the store!

What’s your favorite money-saving idea?

Buy Spices in Bulk

Spice BottlesWe all know that spices tend to be expensive in the grocery. It turns out that you’re paying primarily for the label that goes on them. I’ve discovered that many groceries sell spices in bulk. At pennies on the dollar when compared with the spice aisle!

Buying in bulk, your spices typically come in plastic ziplocks. So you’ll need to get you some spice bottles like this J.K. Adams Spice Bottle Set. You’ll also need a tiny funnel such as in this set: J.K. Adams Spice Bottle Set. Lastly, you’ll need to label your bottles. There’s a number of ways to do that: from writing on the bottle to a label making machine. Whichever way you go, when you’re paying 25 cents for what used to cost $3 – $4, you’ll recupe the cost of you storage system in no time.

Bonus: you can buy less and feel better about trying a new spice. Plus, they’re usually fresher.

Do you have a favorite money saving tip?

Create Your Own Cooking Spray

Misto Stainless Steel Olive Oil SprayerTired of spending money on cooking spray? Not so sure you like the ingredients in store-bought cooking sprays? There’s an healthy, easy alternative that will also save you money.

Get an oil sprayer, such as the Misto Stainless Steel Olive Oil Sprayer. Fill it with olive oil or some other oil. Pump it up and then spray your pan. They work great and I no longer have to wonder what else is going in my food. Or even up my nose when I inhale some of the spray.

Do you have a favorite money saving tip?