Childhood Allergies

Childhood Allergies – Part 4 – Our Toxic World

Childhood AllergiesThis is the fourth in a series of posts answering the question: “Why has there been such an astronomical rise in childhood allergies?”

Today we’re going to look at the theory that allergies are made worse by all of the toxins in our modern environment. When you think of those toxins, you may be thinking of industrial pollution. That’s part of it, but there’s more to it. There have been studies that showed that the indoor air in our homes is often more polluted. How is that? Here’s some reasons:

  • Our homes are sealed up tight to be energy efficient. But that means less fresh air comes in, too.
  • The paint, carpet, wood floors, furniture, etc are all emitting gases from the chemicals in them. Over time, that might diminish, but every new item adds to the load.
  • The cleaners you use in your home are generally made up of all kinds of chemicals.
  • If you live in South Texas, you probably have some sort of pest control. Many of these chemicals are quite toxic.
  • Even your personal care products contribute toxins. Most of your perfumes and fragranced products are made with toxic chemicals.

So, what does this have to do with allergies? More than you may know. Anytime you add toxins to the body, they will compromise the body’s various systems. While they may not cause allergies, they can exacerbate the situation. Toxins inhibit activity in our body and could easily confuse the immune system, causing it to consider foods to be allergens. For example, years ago I had a cold. When I went to work, I immediately got much worse. I noticed that when I went outside, I got better. I did some research and found that they had exterminated for pests the night before.

Next up in the series – we’ll look at how processed foods impact allergies.

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts answering the question: “Why has there been such an astronomical rise in childhood allergies?” To view other posts:

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