Choose Your Own Adventure – Detox Day 5

Choose Your Own Adventure - Core Values Detox Day 5
Choose Your Own Adventure – Core Values Detox Day 5
Choose Your Own Adventure! I was an adult when those books came out. I was so jealous that I didn’t get to experience them as a kid. What fun it was to read the books of my nieces and nephews. So many possibilities. I’m sure if I had read them as a kid I would have read them and chosen all the various paths just to see what happened.

And that’s what Core Values Detox Plus is all about. You can have it your way. It doesn’t have to be structured or rigid or confining. You can pick and choose from the recipes in the packet or you can tweak your own recipes. And that’s where I come in. I’ll be there with you throughout the 10 days to guide you through it. And answers your questions.

While you can choose your own adventure, there will be some things that you’ll still want to follow if you’re wanting to get the full experience of the detox. Take coffee. That one is hard for a lot of us because we’re so hooked on it. How many of us feel we have to have it first thing? There’s an image floating around Facebook right now that says “Coffee Before Talkie!” I think that sums it up for many of us. I’ve even known people who only drank decaf who had to have their morning coffee. So what about Core Values Detox Plus and coffee? Coffee and caffeine (w/ a green tea exception) are on the list of things to avoid. And that’s because caffeine can interfere with our digestion. So to get the full experience of tCore Values Detox Plus you should eliminate it for the 10 days. But hey, you can do it! I haven’t had coffee since Saturday and I’m doing just fine!

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