Core Values Detox Day 3 – What’s for dinner?

Core Values Detox Day 3 Recipe – Lentil Millet Burgers
Core Values Detox Day 3 Recipe – Lentil Millet Burgers
Today is Core Values Detox Day 3. The photo to the right is actually from last night’s dinner. You’re looking at Lentil Millet Burgers served with avocado and tomato slices. Delicious. And yes, this recipe is also included in the Core Values Detox Plus recipe packet. So if you sign up then you will also have this recipe.

An interesting thing I found this morning, I’ve lost another pound. I don’t typically consider that to be anything because I have found my weight fluctuates day to day. But I’m seeing numbers I haven’t seen in a couple of years so I consider it a win!

The reality is that I’m not really doing this detox in order to lose weight. I’ll take that as a bonus, but that’s not my main focus. Now you may be wondering what is my focus, right? There are several reasons that I am doing this detox. Here they are:

  • The reason I’m doing the detox at this time is so I can blog about it for those who are curious about Core Values Detox Plus. It’s my way of letting you see that it isn’t about deprivation or about what you don’t eat. More about what you do eat.
  • I wrote recently about how the digestive system functions impact every other aspect of your health. I have a couple of symptoms that could be related so it’s a good idea to check in on that occasionally.
  • I did this same detox back in May, but I kinda cheated a bit. And then I had some digestive upset during the detox. So I needed to see if that really was an issue.
  • I really couldn’t ask all of you to do something that I hadn’t done myself, right?
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