Holiday Cranberry Recipes

Holiday Cranberry Recipes
Holiday Cranberry Recipes
Cranberry recipes for the holidays are a must at our house. No, No, NOT that canned stuff. Blech! I start with whole cranberries. Try these recipes. You’ll never buy canned again.

First up is an easy and delicious recipe for Cranberry Sauce. This is what got me started many years ago. Until this recipe, I rarely served cranberry sauce. Now this is a must for the holidays! You can see my Cranberry Sauce recipe here.

For a party or appetizer, try this Festive Cranberry Jalapeño Salsa. This has been a HUGE hit at every party. People refer to it as ‘my’ recipe. I can’t claim it as my own. I only get credit for trying and sharing it!

Fresh Whole Cranberries
Fresh Whole Cranberries
Cranberries aren’t really just for the holidays. I’ve taken that salsa recipe to parties year round. Here’s a tip that you’ll need: Cranberries freeze nicely. I will repackage them into 1 cup portions and put them in sandwich bags that zip up. Or sometimes I’ll buy the really big packages and then just stuff them in the freezer.

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What is your favorite holiday recipe? I would love to know!

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