Misto Stainless Steel Olive Oil Sprayer

Create Your Own Cooking Spray

Misto Stainless Steel Olive Oil SprayerTired of spending money on cooking spray? Not so sure you like the ingredients in store-bought cooking sprays? There’s an healthy, easy alternative that will also save you money.

Get an oil sprayer, such as the Misto Stainless Steel Olive Oil Sprayer. Fill it with olive oil or some other oil. Pump it up and then spray your pan. They work great and I no longer have to wonder what else is going in my food. Or even up my nose when I inhale some of the spray.

Do you have a favorite money saving tip?

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2 thoughts on “Create Your Own Cooking Spray”

    1. Lisa, I had this brand for quite a while and didn’t have a problem. It could depend on the oil being used. I only use olive oil.

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