Digestive System Functions: More Than You Think

Digestive System Functions - They impact every aspect of your health.
Digestive System Functions – They impact every aspect of your health.
Do you realize your digestive health is directly related to how you look, feel and function?

It’s said that “You are what you eat.” But the reality is that you are what your body can do with what your eat. And that starts with the functions of your digestive system. Most of us may not realize that restoring your digestive health can have a huge impact in many other aspects of your health.

There are a number of symptoms that are obviously associated with digestive issues. Symptoms such as bloating, resistant weight loss, gas, constipation, diarrhea.

And here’s a little secret: Digestive disturbances aren’t always obvious. If your digestive system functions aren’t optimal, they can show up in many different ways:

  • anxiety
  • bad breath
  • brain fog
  • colds, asthma, and respiratory illnesses
  • decreased immunity
  • depression
  • disrupted sleep
  • food sensitivities
  • gum infections
  • headaches
  • PMS
  • skin problems like eczema, acne, psoriasis and rashes
  • yeast infections

Though you might not think of your splotchy skin as having anything to do with your digestive system functions, digestive impairment is the reason that all those fancy creams only work for a short time, if that.

That’s where my favorite question – Why? – comes in. I believe in digging down to find the root cause of symptoms. And digestive system functions are the first place to look. That’s because your digestive system is the ultimate gatekeeper. It decides what will travel into the circulatory system and what will not. If it’s in good repair, then only the good things get in. But if it’s not, then problems can ensue.

Do some of those surprise you? If you have any of these other health issues, perhaps you’ll consider my Core Values Detox Plus coming up in October. It can help you discover possible digestive issues that are causing your symptoms.
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