Detox Day 4 – Dining Out

Dining out during Core Values Detox Plus
Dining out during Core Values Detox Plus
So often people think of a detox as deprivation, boring food, and cooking all the time. Not on my watch! Not only that, but Core Values Detox Plus even has room for dining out. After all, who can really go ten days eating all their meals at home? Myself? I’m often out at lunch time for business. Plus, even though I love to cook, there are times when I just don’t want to do it. I thought I would let you know how I manage dining out during a detox.

  1. Order off the menu. A good restaurant will accommodate you. Just don’t try this at a fast food joint, because you really can’t have it your way there.
  2. Get creative. Sometimes I’ll order a la carte rather than regular menu items. It works well, especially if I don’t want to eat a large meal.
  3. I have a little container that holds salad dressing. It’s a necessity for me all the time because so many restaurants have salad dressings with MSG in them. If I’m going somewhere that I know I will have a salad, then I’ll pack my own dressing. Then I simply order the salad with no dressing.
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