Dine-Ink Pen Utensil Set

Don’t Try This At Work, Please!

Dine-Ink Pen Utensil Set
My friend, Lisa, brought this product to my attention. It’s a set of pens. No, wait, it’s a set of eating utensils – knife, fork & spoon. Actually, it is both. The description includes this suggestion: “Go from note-taking to noshing in nanoseconds!” If you must, you can actually buy them from ThinkGeek for only $9.99!

I would like to make another suggestion: Don’t! No matter how busy your day is, try to separate your work time and your eating time. If you find the need to have eating utensils that are also writing implements, then you probably need to slow down. De-stress. Take a break from working while you eat. It will aid in digestion, reduce your stress and most likely make your work more effective!

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