Gluten Sensitive Children and Play Dough

Many Play Doughs Contain Wheat & Gluten
Many Play Doughs Contain Wheat & Gluten
For families coping with food allergies, nearly everything is cause for concern. I wrote earlier about some of the risks in craft supplies. But a recent story made me want to revisit the play dough.

You see, a friend was telling me about his daughter who is extremely sensitive to gluten. When she played with play dough, she would play with it for hours on end, sometimes even eating some. He described it like she was getting some sort of contact high from the play dough. Come to find out, she was. Because the play dough had gluten in it.

So, they found some play dough that was gluten-free. His daughter would pick it up and play with it for a minute, look at it funny, then set it down. A few minutes later she would go back and repeat the process. But her play dough was no longer giving her that high. It wasn’t the toy in this case, but the gluten that interested her.

If your child is gluten sensitive or allergic, check the play dough and find some that is gluten-free. In fact, I found this recipe for making your own gluten-free play dough.

Play Dough Photo Courtesy The Pink Princess via Flickr

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