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News You Can Use – Sept 23 2012

News For The Week
Photo Courtesy Veronica Belmont via Flickr

Every week I read a lot of health news. Here’s a compilation of important health news items – news you can use to be healthier.

A Sip of Soda: What’s the Fuss? You Decide

Between the rising obesity rates and the ban on large sodas in New York City, you have to know there are issues with sodas. See this infographic for their full impact.

Natural Room Scents

If you love to add scents to your home, do your health and you family’s health a favor and go with natural scents. Here’s some good recipes.

What’s In Our Beef?

A good argument for seeking out grass-fed beef. Naturally raised cows do not need to be given massive antibiotics.

Child Obesity and BPA

Interesting article suggesting a link between BPA (bisphenol A) and childhood obesity. I don’t think the answer to obesity is just one thing, but this BPA could be part of the puzzle.

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