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News You Can Use – Oct 7 2012

News For The Week
Photo Courtesy Veronica Belmont via Flickr

Every week I read a lot of health news. Here’s a compilation of important health news items – news you can use to be healthier.

GMOs & Pesticides

The idea behind GMOs was that farmers could easily kill weeds & pests without harming their crops. Now they’re finding that “superweeds” and hard-to-kill insects are forcing an increase in herbicides.

The Big Bone Lie – Don’t Believe the Hype!

Read this if you’re concerned about your bone health. Choose to eat better to preserve rather than resorting to prescription drugs.

Beef: Corn Fed, Grass Fed, and Now, Candy Fed!

This is crazy that they are feeding cows candy now!

Study links diabetes risk to modern oils

A long-term research study published this week has confirmed that non-traditional methods of cooking are significantly contributing to the rise in diabetes among Indians.

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