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News You Can Use – September 16

News For The Week
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Every week I read a lot of health news. Here’s a compilation of important health news items – news you can use to be healthier.

What you need to know about GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)

Why is Monsanto spending over $4 Million dollars to block GMO labeling in California? What’s in it for them. AND, what’s in those GMOs?

Using Recycled Toilet Paper? Maybe You Should Reconsider!

Sure, you could be saving money buying recycled toilet paper and other paper products. But at what price to the health of yourself and your family? Read this and make wiser choices.

Alzheimer’s could be the most catastrophic impact of junk food

New evidence shows that poor diet is one cause of Alzheimer’s.

Scottish fish farmers use record amounts of parasite pesticides

Farmers have been forced to increase amount of chemicals as the sea lice parasite becomes resistant to treatment

Food Looks the Same Today, But Is It?

Today’s food may look the same, but the ingredients are new and formerly unheard of.

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