Helping Your Body Detox

Tips on  helping your body detox
Tips on helping your body detox
No matter what you do, in our modern world you are going to wind up with toxins in your body. So, I have assembled a list of tips for helping your body detox. Some of them are pretty easy. Perhaps you’re doing some already?

Helping Your Body Detox

  1. Go to bed by 10 pm every night and sleep in a dark room. Your body does the most repair between the hours of 10 pm and 1 am every night. Make sure you sleep in a dark room because even small amounts of light can disturb restful sleep.
  2. Upgrade your diet and cut out processed foods. Processed foods are devoid of nutrition, full of chemicals and rob your body of minerals. They clog your digestive tract and divert energy from healing to digestion. Also, consider going organic as much as possible to eliminate or reduce your pesticide exposure.
  3. Avoid coffee and most caffeine. Caffeine is fake energy It gives you a temporary high and can dehydrate you, making you feel tired. (Our exceptions are green tea and raw chocolate.)
  4. Eliminate sugar. Sugar, like caffeine, sets your body up for an energy “crash,” and then you just crave more sugar. It also ages your body and feeds energy-robbing infections AND is a big factor in premature aging. Avoid all artificial sweeteners as well. Consider it the first step to curbing that sweet tooth entirely.
  5. Boost your gut bacteria via probiotics. Displacing that bad bacteria really gets some of the sluggish energy sources moving out of your body.
  6. Drink water. Fatigue (and even the inability to sleep deeply) happens because of dehydration. You need water for every cellular function in your body. Be sure that the water you are drinking is clean. Use a filtration system of some sort if possible.
  7. End every shower with a bit of cold water. The cold water will stimulate your detox organs.
  8. Consider soaking in an Epsom Salt bath. Use a cup of Epsom Salts in the bathtub and soak for 20 minutes. It’s a good way to bring in magnesium and help your body detox.
  9. If you have access to a sauna, take advantage of it. Sweating is a natural way for the body to detox.
  10. And finally, exercise. Get outdoors, move your body, and enjoy this delicious opportunity to really sink into self-care.

And, if you would like to print them, you can download a pdf version by clicking on the image below.

Click the image to download pdf
Click the image to download pdf

So, tell me in the comments …
What do you do to help your body detox?
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