Home Stretch – Detox Day 9

Core Values Detox Plus - Day 9
Core Values Detox Plus – Day 9
Today is Detox Day 9 of my Core Values Detox Plus experience – in the home stretch. I would absolutely love to tell you that I’ve been 100% faithful to the detox. But I can’t because: Life Happens. Getting out on the weekends, running around, going out to dinner. It gets challenging. But that’s okay. I’m still down 4 pounds that I didn’t even for sure expect. And you can’t beat yourself up, right?

There’s still one day left. I haven’t mentioned it yet, but exercise is encouraged as part of this detox. Or you can call it play or workout or physical activity or anything you want. The point is that sweating is an excellent way to detox. I’m not one to join local gyms for a number of reasons. So I do most of my workouts at home. I love to walk, when the weather cooperates. It isn’t the rain that I have to worry about, just that it is often very hot here in South Texas.

Some 10 years back, I bought a stationary bicycle that has been a large part of my workouts. We’ve logged a lot of miles together! This Spring, I acquired a new toy the Mini Trampoline Cellerciser Rebounder Trampoline Kit. I have always wanted a trampoline to jump on. My mom wouldn’t let us play on trampolines or skateboards or anything that could cause us to get hurt. Now I have one for myself. The claim that they work every cell in your body and are touted as being good to help get lymph flowing. And that’s a good thing if you’re trying to detox!

But here’s a benefit no one told me about: I’ve had some issues with my feet, ankles and even knees. They’re much better than in years past. Yet many times if I’ve been sitting for a while then everything is stiff for a bit just after I stand up. A couple of months after I got the trampoline, I realized that I no longer had the pain or stiffness. And that’s in just 10-12 minutes a day!

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  1. I’m generally looking for new ways to make exercise fun. I also commenced using a tiny trampoline for my little daughter, and this detail has inspired me personally a lot. Thanks a ton for sharing.

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