Veggies from the Farmers Market

How To Shop A Farmers Market

How To Shop A Farmers Market

We love shopping the farmers markets. We started about 2 years ago and it has totally changed our food shopping. We generally start with the farmers markets when we shop. What we can’t get there, we get from the local grocery. Frequently, we decide what to cook for the week based on what we find at the markets. See this post for more on the benefits of farmers markets. Today I want to provide some pointers on how to shop a farmers market.

  1. Decide on the market you want to visit.
  2. Start early – before they run out of the good stuff!
  3. Grab some reusable shopping bags – Yes, they have bags, but I like to take my own. Saves the farmers money!
  4. Have an ice chest – depending on the weather and how far you travel.
  5. Takes some cash – Some vendors take plastic, but not all.
  6. Dress for the weather. Most markets are outside.
  7. Pace yourself! Your first time you could be overwhelmed with all the choices.
  8. Get to know the people on the other side of the table!
  9. Have Fun!

My favorite San Antonio market is the Pearl Farmers Market!

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