In Search of a Healthy Cereal

CerealI’m often asked what is a healthy cereal to eat for breakfast. I had to do some research because I haven’t been a fan of cereal for years and years. I was also asked about Kashi cereal, surely they’re good? I did know about Kashi. I knew that they had been in the news lately because GMO soy had been found in Kashi Cereal. To their credit, it wasn’t found in all cereals and Kashi is working to be GMO free.

Still, what about cereal in general. When I think of cereal, I think of carbs. Lots of carbs and little protein. Plus, I think of sugar. Perhaps because that’s how I was raised. A few years back, we ate cereal for breakfast every morning – usually oatmeal. I was always hungry mid-morning for protein. Eventually, we switched our breakfasts to include protein and I had a better start to the day. Today, we have toast (home-made, 100% whole wheat bread) with almond butter, fruit and yogurt (also home-made).

Back to the cereal question. If you want to know the ratings of various cereals, then I suggest you search Fooducate for cereals. They have information and ratings for many different cereals. (They also have an iPhone app that scans bar codes at the grocery and gives instant feedback.) You could even download it today and try it on your cereal in the morning!

What is your breakfast experience?

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