Barbara McNeely

Me? High-Maintenance?

Barbara McNeely
Recently, someone suggested that I was “high-maintenance.” It’s not really something I like to hear. But in context, I had to admit she was right.

For me, high-maintenance isn’t really a choice. It’s more about the foods and other things that I have to avoid. Seriously, I never chose to have walnuts trigger migraines. Or fragrances. Or a long list that you may or may not want to know about. I never chose to be allergic to coconut. Or penicillin. This is just the hand that I was dealt. And I’ve come to accept it, although I confess it wasn’t always willingly! I fought it all for a long time.

So, yeah, I’m high-maintenance. But I feel fortunate that I was able to play detective and solve a lot of my issues. I still have to avoid some things, but at least I know what to avoid.

Are you high-maintenance? Are you having to deal with food allergies or sensitivities, migraines, acid reflux, diabetes or some other health issue that is holding you back? Do you need more guidance than your doctor can provide? If you need someone to play detective to solve you health issues, let me know. I’ve found that I enjoy this detective work.

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