My Dirty Little Secret

Information for everyone about synthetic fragrances. Please watch and share to help get this information out!
Information for everyone about synthetic fragrances. Please watch and share to help get this information out!

Recently, I wrote a post about something that had made me sad. From the comments I received, I realized that not every one knew my “dirty little secret.” The one that causes me to act in ways that seem anti-social.

The reality is this: I am incredibly sensitive to fragrances. So sensitive that I can wind up with a debilitating migraine. The kind of migraine that causes me to seek a dark, cool, quiet room. These can be serious because a prolonged migraine can put someone in the hospital and even cause death.

For more, watch this video:

It’s really an issue with synthetic fragrances. But they are everywhere. Most of the colognes, fragrances, and perfumes on the market are synthetic. But nearly every personal care, hair care, laundry, or household cleaning product seems to contain them.

Ubiquitous is a good word for them.

So why is that bad? Because they are synthetic. They contain toxic compounds such as Volatile Organic Compounds – VOCs. Those are all petroleum distillates and include things such as benzene, toluene, and acetone. But the fragrance industry doesn’t have to tell you about them because they claim it is a trade secret!

Why does the industry use them? They are used precisely because they are volatile. Meaning that they disperse into the air. And, of course, they take the scent from the fragrance with them. It all makes sense from the manufacturer’s point of view because it helps the scent to permeate the air.

Most people haven’t heard this. They’ve heard about phthalates and parabens and hormone disruptors. Yet they don’t know about what’s in fragrances. Even Green Seal certified lets fragrances into their products. Not good.

It’s a big problem for a lot of people. You may not have met them because the people that are most impacted tend to avoid other people. They spend a lot of time at home. Alone. They’re not anti-social either. They’re just trying to survive.

My hope in writing this is to raise awareness. To make others aware of the problem with fragrances.

You see, one day I would like to live in a Fragrance Free World – meaning a world that is totally rid of synthetic fragrances.

For More Information:

I would love for you to share this information with others. AND, if you would like to learn how to make your home environment fragrance free, please contact me.
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5 thoughts on “My Dirty Little Secret”

    1. Thanks for visiting, Yusuf. I’m not sure about oil-based fragrances, but sometimes essential oils can be problematic. See this post:
      I personally use no fragrances anymore, but I do know there are a few natural fragrances out there.

    1. Good idea, Alicia. I personally haven’t used anything for fragrance in a lot of years. Sometimes even natural smells bother me.

  1. … Yusuf, If the fresh baking smells don’t bother you my secret if you’re wanting a fragrance for your home I take water, put in some organic vanilla, cloves and cinnamon and bring to a boil. No chemicals and last for hours.

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