Nectresse™ – The Newest Sugar Substitute

Nectress™ from Splenda®
Nectress™ – the newest sugar substitute – made from monk’s fruit and other stuff!
Lately, I’ve been talking about the various sugar substitutes on the market. Most recently I told you about stevia and agave nectar. Recently, I stumbled upon the newest sugar substitute on the block – Nectresse™ – brought to you by the wonderful folks that brought us Splenda®!

The question is this: Is Nectresse™ 100% natural as the label claims? I found this article from Natural News that suggests that perhaps it is not.

According to the Nectresse™ website, “NECTRESSE™ Natural No Calorie Sweetener is a combination of deliciously sweet Monk Fruit Extract blended with other natural sweeteners (erythritol, sugar and molasses) to bring you the rich sweet taste of
sugar without all the calories.”

Nectresse™ - Made From Monk Fruit
Nectresse™ – See, it’s 100% natural. Made from Monk Fruit. The label must be correct, right?
What is Monk Fruit, you might ask? It’s scientific name is Siraitia grosvenorii. It’s a melon from southern China. It is about the size of a lemon and is said to resemble the bald head of a monk; hence the name. You can read more from Wikipedia.

The ingredient list reads as follows (in order): erythritol, sugar, monk fruit extract, molasses. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol. It is most often derived from corn and therefore is likely to be GMO. It’s also likely that the sugar and molasses are GMO.

So, if a product contains 4 ingredients, 3 of which are most likely GMO, can it really be considered natural? Of course, they can put “Natural” on the label because it has no legal definition. Personally? I’m staying away from it.

Nectress™ from Splenda®
Nectress™ also comes in packets and has claimed the packet color of Orange. What do we do when we use all the colors?

What do you think? Have you tried this latest sugar substitute? Do you plan to?

Close up of Nectresse™ label Photo Courtesy miheco via Flickr
Nectresse™ Containers Photo Courtesy theimpulsivebuy via Flickr
Nectresse™ Packets Photo Courtesy theimpulsivebuy via Flickr

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3 thoughts on “Nectresse™ – The Newest Sugar Substitute”

  1. We purchased this from Wal-Mart for my wife’s morning coffee.
    After a few days, she was bed ridden with a 104+ fever and that lasted for about 36 hours.. when she felt better her Tongue appeared to be burned and she developed hives…. (Needless to say she felt like crap and stopped drinking her morning coffee)
    After a week of feeling ok then fine, she started back to her routine.. Holy Crap! Every joint is swollen, she cant move and her pain is un manageable.. I think we figured it out!!..
    I got out the Benadryl, and loaded her with the maximum dosage.. Its been a few hours and now and she is starting to move around the house..
    This Crap has no record of this type of reaction, except the hives..
    She has always been irritated by sugar alcohols, but this reaction is Severe to say the least… I am thinking pure cane sugar isn’t so bad after all.

    1. Wow, Mike. That’s a scary story. Best that she stay away from that stuff.

      Thanks for sharing her story so that others may know.

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