Just Say No to Plugin Air Freshener

Just Say No to Plugin Air Freshener!
Just Say No to Plugin Air Freshener!
Hi there! They’re letting me write again on the blog. I wanted to tell you about my recent dentist visit. Thankfully it was just for cleaning and checkup. But it didn’t all go so well.

You see, as soon as I sat down in the waiting area, I smelled fragrance. I knew there had to be a plugin air freshener nearby, so, I moved to a new seat. I know they have them in their waiting room and it drives me crazy. Don’t they know how harmful air fresheners are? The saddest thing is they really don’t even ‘freshen’ the air, they pollute it.

Well, it got worse because when I went back for my cleaning, there was one in that room. Seriously, that room is like 8 feet by 6 feet. Who even thinks it needs an air freshener. I asked the dental hygienist to remove it and she did so, rather grudgingly.

After my cleaning, the dentist comes in to check everything out. She asks me if I have any complaints. I know that she means complaints about teeth that may be bothering me. Instead, I tell her my complaint about the air freshener. And I just happened to have this card with me so I gave it to her:

Could You Be Making Your Visitors Sick?
Could You Be Making Your Visitors Sick?
How To Really Freshen the Air
How To Really Freshen the Air

She actually thanked me and said she had not really thought about what chemicals might be in the plugins. And agreed that I was probably right.

Luckily, I never developed a migraine that day, although I did have a bit of a headache most of the day. Even so, when I got in my car, I could smell perfume from the plugins. It was in my hair and on my jacket. Probably on everything. Gross. I had to ‘wear’ that smell the rest of the day!

Have you ever visited a place that had too much air freshener? Would you be bold enough to let them know? I get so frustrated that I’m finally able to talk with people and suggest that they find a safer alternative.

Oh, before I go: Some have been asking if I was going to post my picture on here. Well, we’re having a bit of trouble getting the film developed, but it will be on here soon!

I want to hear from y’all!

Do you use plugins in your home? I would love to know why. And if you read the post that talked about air fresheners, did it change your mind?

Thanks for stopping by!

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2 thoughts on “Just Say No to Plugin Air Freshener”

  1. I actually do use air fresheners and I love them. I understand your points and I believe companies should make sure the air fresheners are not overbearing but I have no problem with them using them in small doses. I’d rather have a Glad plug in than someone spraying an aerosol can.

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