One change leads to another

Have you ever made just ONE change?
Have you ever made just ONE change?
I first thought of this when I encountered people who were selling some supplement or “special water” and claiming that it had cured their disease, caused them to lose hundreds of pounds, gave them a whiter, brighter smile, and improved their love life. Or something like that.

You’ve probably met them. They insist that what they are selling is a miracle drug that will change your life. When in reality, some of them mostly improve the sellers bank account.

But you also see it in people who say they made one single change to their diet or lifestyle and report the same amazing results that I mentioned above. You’ve heard them. “I just switched to this new product ‘Hydrogen-Hydroxide’.” OR “All I did was cut out sugar.” OR fat OR carbs OR “Mega-Placebo has changed my life.” OR “I started running 20 miles everyday. And on. And on.

In all of these cases, we have to look deeper to see if there really was just the one change. (I’ll leave the discussion of the placebo effect to another day.) When you seriously look at any of these changes and when you talk with the people that make those changes, you find out that there was not just the one change. The person that adds a supplement or cuts back on fat or cuts back on sugar or begins an exercise program, generally looks at other areas of their life.

As we make one change, we become aware of other areas that need improvement. I’m not necessarily saying that the new supplement or water or fad diet is not helping, what I mean is that one change raises our consciousness and leads to other changes. (I’m also omitting the entire discussion about snake oil salesman selling something for the sole purpose of lining their own pockets.)

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What do you think? Have you ever made one single change? Or do you find that making one change leads to improvements in other areas?

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