Plastic Nightmares

This past weekend, while we were driving around, we saw a tree that had plastic shopping bags hanging form its limbs. It was in an area that is known to flood and no doubt the bags got caught in the tree during a flood. It reminded me of the plastic bags that litter the road on the drive from San Antonio to Corpus Christi. They are everywhere and it is such an ugly sight.

Below is an infographic on the nightmare caused by plastic. The infographic was originally published by Education Database Online.

The numbers are startling to say the least. One hundred billion plastic grocery bags? Fify billion plastic water bottles? I have always hated the plastic grocery bag. Always. They’re small, flimsy, floppy – totally a pain. Water bottles aren’t much better. We don’t buy many of them at all. We sometimes use them when traveling. But I’m also a big stickler for recycling!

Since San Antonio expanded their recycling program and gave us large bins, we actually have more in our recycle bin each week than in our regular trash can!

Do you recycle?
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One thought on “Plastic Nightmares”

  1. One of the problems on the San Antonio River in the urban reaches is….trash. Vast numbers of plastic bags and all manner of refuse dangles from tree branches after rain events and can be quite unsightly. Once you get 20 or 30 miles below town, the River is remarkably trash-free.

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