Just Say No To Perfumes

Put That Perfume Bottle Down!

Just Say No To Perfumes
Original Photo Courtesy HeyDanielle via Flickr. Modified by Mariposa Naturals

Americans have had a love affair with fragrances for many years. It’s in virtually every personal care product and then we spray some on as a finishing touch. But there are people, myself included, who cannot be around perfumes. Some have allergies. I get massive migraines. And the ingredients are not as sweet as you might think. So, here are my top 10 reasons to not wear fragrances – either perfume or cologne:

  1. You’ll save money!
  2. Your co-worker with asthma will breathe better.
  3. Your car pool buddy who’s sensitive to fragrances will benefit.
  4. You’ll find that fewer people back away as you approach them.
  5. Your customer won’t want to run away from you.
  6. The children and babies in your family will be healthier and have fewer developmental problems.
  7. Your pets will be healthier.
  8. Your friends with allergies will feel better.
  9. You may find that you breathe better.
  10. Turns out, they contain toxic ingredients including neurotoxins.

You might be surprised just how many people are bothered by fragrances. Don’t believe me? Start asking people for their opinions on fragrances. You might be surprised!

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