Puzzle Pieces Vs. The Big Picture

Could problems be like jigsaw puzzles? What is your role?
Could problems be like jigsaw puzzles? What is your role?
I am back, after taking (most of) the month of July off. And I’m starting off with a topic that might seem a bit different. But I’ll connect the dots before I finish writing. During my month off, I’ve explored new authors and new people. In that process, I was introduced to Simon Sinek. Simon was recently interviewed by Glenn Beck. Simon has some very fascinating knowledge and views.

Among many of the topics of discussion was that, for any given problem, the solution is like a jigsaw puzzle. Change is like a jigsaw puzzle. And we each have different roles in making that change or solving that problem. Simon says that his role is to point to the picture on the front of the box – to remind us what we’re trying to solve. Others put various pieces of the puzzle together and still others might be out there looking for thosee missing pieces. And, like a jigsaw puzzle, we can begin to see the bigger picture before the puzzle is finished.

Everyone has different roles. I believe that my role is making sure we gather all of the pieces, rather than solving only part of the puzzle and believing we have the full answer.

This explains, for me, why I get so frustrated with people talking about any and all health issues. Pick one as an example: acid reflux, bloating, skin issues, migraines, etc. You’ll get a variety of responses:

  • The vegan will point to any and all animal products.
  • The vegetarian will point to animal flesh or meats.
  • One who is sensitive to gluten will insist that gluten is at fault.
  • The lactose intolerant says that milk is the problem.
  • Someone else will point to sugar.
  • Another person will point to processed foods.
  • Yet another person points to food additives and preservatives.
  • The anti-GMO activists points to GMOs.
  • And on it goes.

Perhaps you’ll ask: “Who is right?”

I would suggest that there is not one answer. It isn’t as simple as saying that one food or food additive is the problem. Here are some other questions to ask:

  • Is it the animal product or the way it was processed?
  • Is it the milk itself? Or is it the fact that it was pasteurized. Or that the cows were treated with hormones?
  • Is it the gluten or the fact that you’re only eating the starch?
  • Is it that one food additive? Or all of the additives we’re exposed to?
  • Or is it some combination of factors?

My money is on a combination of factors that contribute to any health condition. We have to take our blinders off and look at the big picture.

So, tell me in the comments …
What are your thoughts? Are you the big picture?

Oh, and are you itching to finish that jigsaw puzzle? Just follow this link. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Puzzle Pieces Vs. The Big Picture”

  1. I loved the puzzle! It helped that the pieces were facing the correct direction, but fun nevertheless. I like your outlook, that problems have more than one cause. It is applicable to every problem or challenge from political problems, social problems or food challenges.

  2. Thanks, Kay. Years ago I created a bunch of puzzles on the jigzone site. That was a lot of fun.

    Thanks for your comments.

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