Rant – Feeding Sugar to Pets

Why would you feed your pets sugar? Hint: These cats do not get treats with sugar!
Why would you feed your pets sugar? Hint: These cats do not get treats with sugar!
I rarely go to the ‘big box’ pet food stores; but we found ourselves in there recently. It’s what happens when you have two new kittens, I guess. As we approached the check stands, I noticed some open bins of bulk pet food – something I had never seen in a pet store. It caught my eye because it looked like cookies.

They were similar to a chocolate sandwich cookie but the outer layers where pink and the inner layer white. I did a double-take because I could not believe that they had cookies for dogs. My curiosity got the better of me so I checked them out. Sure enough, they were cookies. For dogs. There were other bins with various treats. I didn’t check them all out but I would be that most of them had sugar and other garbage in them.

Seriously? Why? Why would you teach your dog such an addiction? To a substance that causes obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and is the favorite food of cancer cells??? Is this why our pets are now developing some of the same diseases as humans?

I think I may have stumbled on the answer in this post from Seth Godin: Cat food is for people.

But, more often than not, the way the gift makes us feel to give is at least as important as how it makes the other person (or pet, or infant) feel to receive it. — Seth Godin

Please, people. Read the labels. Know what’s in the food you feed yourself, your family, and your pets!

So, tell me in the comments …

What do you think? When people feed their pets junk food, even if it was made for that pet, is it for the pet or because it makes the people feel good?

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