Top Five Reasons To Slow Down When You Chew

We've all heard to chew our food, here's why you should.
We’ve all heard to chew our food, here’s why you should.
In March, I took a course on the digestive system. It’s actually part of a course that includes six systems of the body which you’ll be hearing more about in the months to come. It may not sound interesting to everyone, but I find it fascinating. I’m always interested in knowing how things work and studying what causes things to go wrong. This course certainly satisfies my curiosity!

One thing I’ve learned about is the importance of chewing. We’ve all heard that we should chew our food xx number of times (you can fill in a number here), but do we understand why? Listed below are the top 5 reasons.

How many chews? It’s not important that you count, but it’s important that each bite is well-chewed.

  • Chewing Aids in Digestion – Chewing stimulates the release of enzymes, hormone, and gastric juices that aid in digestion. The longer you chew, the easier digestion is.
  • Chewing Eliminates Abdominal Discomfort – Chewing can help eliminate bloating, gas, and abdominal pain or stomach pain.
  • Chewing Aids in Swallowing – Well-chewed food will glide down the esophagus with ease.
  • Chewing Can Slow Your Pace – Let the rats run the race without while you slow down when you’re eating.
  • Chewing Can Help You Lose Weight – It takes your body 20 to 30 minutes to recognize that you are full. If you chew each bite longer, the signals will get to your brain long before you have overeaten!
Will you commit to one week of mindful chewing? Take the time with each bite to chew it well and enjoy it longer. If you notice any changes, let us know in the comments below.
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