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The Fox is Guarding the Hen House!

Ingredients ListWe like to think that the food we buy at the grocery is safe to eat. That all of the ingredients are approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). That there’s no way we could wind up with untested ingredients in our food. Wouldn’t you agree with this?

Well, guess what. It just isn’t so. Not according to this article: Who determines safety of new food ingredients? In fact, most new ingredients added to foods in the last 15 years have not been reviewed by the FDA. Furthermore, at least 1,000 ingredients have entered our food with the FDA’s knowledge since 1958.

An FDA policy change in 1997 effectively transferred responsibility for food safety from the FDA scientists to the food manufacturers. Which puts the public at increased risk. Bottom line from this article is that it seems that the same people that make money selling foods are determining that their foods are safe. With no oversight from the FDA.

Caveat Emptor!

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