Incredible Edible Egg

The Incredible, Edible Egg

Incredible Edible EggThe poor egg seems to be the frequent target of attacks. Perhaps you saw this most recent report alleging that eating a whole egg was as dangerous as smoking?

I got inquiries from friends and family wanting to know my thoughts on the subject. I tend to be a skeptic when these types of reports come across my desk. Mostly because I know that any one of them is just one study. And, as a scientist, I know that results must be proven independently and be repeatable before any real conclusions can be drawn. I also know that, contrary to what they may want to believe, all researchers are only human. They’re subject to mistakes and egotism and a desire to have their theory be correct – regardless of the evidence. I know this because I have seen it all first hand.

And that is why I question everything I read. And you should too.

In this case, a post on Mark’s Daily Apple digs deeper into the research and brought out these points:

  1. The research was done by a trio of researchers, 2 of whom have extensive ties to the statin industry.
  2. The study relied on the memory of an older group of people. They were asked to recall their lifelong egg-eating and cigarette-smoking habits. As in every egg they had ever eaten!

In reality, eggs are not the bad guys that the media wants to make them out to be. They’re just an easy target. You can do your own research on eggs and their health benefits. The best ones are pastured raised eggs from chickens that are NOT fed soy.

And here’s one more article in defense of eggs.

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