How Toxic Are You?

How Toxic Are You?
How Toxic Are You?
Toxins enter our bodies through our food, what we put on our skin, and what we are exposed to in the air. Mothers even pass toxin along to their unborn children.

Symptoms of toxicity are many and in some cases may surprise you. Did you know that depression or irritability could be a result of toxic exposure?

The worst thing about these toxins is that, with the levels of exposure we have today, our bodies aren’t able to clear out the toxins. Our bodies are wildly regenerative, but it’s hard for them to keep up in today’s world. It’s good to know all the ways that toxins can get into our body. And I’ll be exploring those in a series of future blog posts.

Today, I just want to give you a partial list of symptoms that are often a result of the toxins we are exposed to. Give yourself a point for each of these symptoms that you experience on a regular basis. Count your points and see below the list to learn how toxic you are.

Anger Diarrhea Lethargy
Anxiety or fear Ear infections Memory losses
Apathy Fatigue Mood swings
Arthritis Foggy thinking Muscle aches
Asthma Frequent illness Nausea or vomiting
Belching Gas Poor concentration
Binge eating or drinking Headaches or migraines Poor memory
Bloating Heartburn Restlessness
Blurry vision Hives, rashes, dry skin Sinus problems
Bronchitis Hoarseness Sore throat
Chronic cough Hyperactivity Stiffness
Compulsive eating Insomnia Stuffy nose
Confusion Irritability Swollen glands
Congestion Itchy ears Swollen lymph nodes
Constipation Itchy, watery eyes Vertigo/dizziness
Craving specific foods Joint pain Water retention
Depression Joint weakness

So, what was your score? Check out the scale below:

10 or less Little to no toxicity here
11 – 25 Mildly toxic – Have you considered a detox?
25 – 39 Fairly toxic – A detox is in order
40 or More WOW – That’s pretty toxic. You should do some detoxing and learn to avoid toxins as well!
Thank you so much for reading my post.

Do you want to share your score? Just leave a note in the comments.

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