Toxins in Shampoo?

Toxins In Shampoo
Are there toxins in your shampoo?
Hey, everyone! Shirley here with my first official post.

I was talking with someone in the store the other day who was buying shampoo. I’ll call her Pearl. Here’s how the conversation went:

Pearl: “I never know which shampoo to buy. What do you think?”

Me: “It depends, how many toxins do you want to be exposed to?”

Pearl: “Toxins in shampoo? You’re kidding right?”

Me: “Nope, most of them are full of toxins.”

Pearl: “What about the FDA? They wouldn’t allow toxins in our products.”

Me: “If only.”

And that, folks, is part of the problem. You see, the FDA has admitted that they can’t monitor and approved all of the food additives. I encourage you to read that article. Because, folks, if the rules are that lax for what we put in our bodies, what can that mean for what we put on our bodies?

This blog will be digging deeper into ingredients as well as suggesting alternatives. We want you and your family to be healthy. And that starts with knowing what is in your products.

You see, everything you put on your body eventually finds its way into your body. Through your skin or when you breathe it in. So knowing what’s in everything you use is important. We have to be our own watch dogs.

Toxins in shampoo? You betcha!

So, tell me in the comments …
Have you checked your shampoo? Does it have any toxins in it? What do you need to know about your shampoo’s ingredients?
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