What Does Detox Mean?

Detox can mean different things to different people.
Detox can mean different things to different people.
While I was promoting the Core Values Detox, I got a lot of questions about what a detox was, what was involved, etc. There were also those who wanted to know if they would have to drink all their meals. Because, that’s how some detoxes are, or at least so I’ve heard.

I’m not a detox expert. There are many different types of detox. And it can mean different things to different people. What I wanted to do today is just give you an overview of common detoxes and why you might choose them.

I will be offering detoxes again, although I will never cover them all. I’m pretty sure I won’t be offering a detox that has you drinking your meals. It’s not really something that I care for, so I would never ask you to do that.

So, check out the list:

  • Digestive Detox – Core Values Detox, offered last month, was a digestive detox. It focused on removing foods that are known to cause digestive issues. If you have even slight digestive issues, this could be good for you because it can help identify their source. Even slight digestive issues can have a big impact on what nutrients you absorb.
  • Inflammation Detox – Some foods, like sugar, are known to impact inflammation. An inflammation detox focuses on removing inflammatory foods. Left unchecked, inflammation can cause serious health issues.
  • Toxin Detox – A toxin detox can focus on toxin avoidance as well as helping your body to eliminate toxins that have been stored in the body.
  • Food Allergies or Sensitivities Detox – Hidden allergies and sensitivities can be hard to detect. This type of detox could vary from person to person. It’s actually a bit like detective work trying to determine the source of your health issues.
  • Liver Cleanse – A liver cleanse could be considered a specific toxin detox that focuses on eliminating toxins that are stored in the liver.

What type of detox appeals to you?
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