What’s better than a cure for cancer?

A Pound of Cure - Drugs as a cure for cancer or illness?
A Pound of Cure – Drugs as a cure for cancer or illness?

You may have heard that science has already found the cure for cancer, but they are keeping it secret because cancer is a big industry.

You know, it’s up there, seemingly, with some other things that most people don’t believe. Just those that are called the “fringe kooks.” Things like:

  • A tire has been invented that will never wear out and never go flat.
  • The government is poisoning our air via the contrails from airplanes. Those who believe this usually call them “chemtrails.”
  • The USAF has captured UFOs and is storing them in secret bunkers in Area 51.

I could list more, but they begin to get political. I think these few make the point though. There are always conspiracy theorists for pretty much anything. And their ideas sound pretty crazy.

But then there’s this: What if I told you that there actually was a cure for cancer? Or perhaps, more specifically, an easy way to prevent much of it?

And no, it isn’t the mammogram or any other type of screening. Those things don’t actually cure or prevent anything. All they accomplish is early detection. But what if you could do better than that?

Before I tell you what it is, you need to understand that there are always cancer cells in your body. Cells that, for whatever reason, have gone out of control. They’re growing too rapidly. They’re not responding to the body’s normal signals. You probably think that should mean we would all have cancer. Except that, a healthy body is able to identify and destroy those cancer cells before they get out of control.

Perhaps you think you’re healthy. And you know other people who also appear to be healthy. And then they develop cancer. What happened? Many times, they may not be as healthy as they think they are.

An Ounce Of Prevention - Diet and lifestyle changes to prevent cancer?
An Ounce Of Prevention – Diet and lifestyle changes to prevent cancer?

Which would you prefer? A cure for cancer? Or to prevent it in the first place?

It has a lot to do with inflammation. Which isn’t something you can see. But it is something you can be pretty sure you have if you’re eating & drinking lots of sugar. And do you know what cancer cells love best? You got it, sugar!

The more I learn, the less I want to consume sugar. Not that I don’t still have a sweet tooth. But I try to tame it in ways other than eating sugar.

Thank you so much for reading my post.

Before you leave, can I ask you a question or two? Have you known someone with cancer? If so, you’ve seen the effects it can have on their health, even if they are cured. Wouldn’t you rather see it prevented?

Diet and lifestyle are the key. Contact me if you want to know more.

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