What’s in Your Water, Air, Food?

Chemical toxins are everywhere in our 21st century world. You can't avoid them entirely, but you can lessen your exposure.
Chemical toxins are everywhere in our 21st century world. You can’t avoid them entirely, but you can lessen your exposure.
Core Values Detox is now underway. This was a detox designed to identify issues with your digestion. I hear a lot of comments from those who don’t feel that they have any issues with their gut or their digestion.

It’s no wonder since we tend to think of gut issues as being things like diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, heartburn, etc. Those are obvious signs of problems in the gut. The truth is though, all dis-ease starts in the gut. Did you know that? But there are other signs of gut issues that aren’t really obvious AS gut issue. Such as: fatigue, anemia, dry skin, eczema, anger issues, fuzzy thinking, and mood swings – just to name a few.

A detox for your digestion is really important. It focuses on removing foods that can impair your digestion if you are sensitive to them.

A detox can take many different forms, though. One especially of concern to me is a detox for the chemicals that we are exposed to. Chemical toxins are in our air, our food, our water. They are also in our personal care products, our cleaning products (whether industrial or home), and also in the products used to store and prepare our food. Over time, the buildup of these chemical toxins can lead to chronic illness – especially Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or MCS.

This issue is especially important to me since I am hyper-sensitive to chemicals. In fact, I’m now sensitive to every day odors such as cooking smells.

I’m working now on a program to help eliminate the toxins in your body as well as how to avoid them. Or at least as much as possible.

Are you worried about the toxins you’re exposed to? Let me know and I’ll keep you informed on my new program.
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  1. We are exposed to so many foreign chemicals in our environment in this modern world. We have to do things to protect ourselves. Thanks for sharing your views and ideas on this.

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