Farmers Markets

Why Farmers Markets?

Farmers Markets
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We’ve been shopping at farmers markets for going on two years. I’m not sure I remember our first visit. But I can tell you that it totally changed how we shop & eat. I’ll have more on that in a future post. For now I just want to talk about farmers markets in general.

Recently, a friend who has not been to a farmers market in years and years expressed concern about them. It was vague, but she wasn’t sure about the quality of the food there. I think that could be a common misconception. We’ve all been raised with food coming from a grocery store. So a farmers market seems a bit like the guy selling peaches on the side of the road. But in reality, the farmers markets are quite possibly safer than the food in the grocery.

Think about all of the recalls of foods recently: spinach, lettuce, ground beef, peanut butter. They are all large quantities which are contaminated. That’s because they combine so much food that one bit of contamination can affect large groups of people. And I cannot tell you how devastating the unavailability of spinach was for my cat! (Yes, he loves spinach and would accept no substitutes!)

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Here are some of the reasons why shopping your local farmers markets are better than the grocery store:

  • Local – The food you buy has usually traveled under 150 miles to get to you. How far does your grocery store food travel?
  • Fresh – Your food is fresh. Really fresh. Often, it was harvested the day before. How long ago was your grocery store food harvested?
  • Community – You’re supporting the farmers and ranchers in your own area.
  • Taste – You’ll be amazed how much tastier your food is.
  • Safe – Your food is as safe, or safer, than grocery store food.
  • Family Farmers – You’ll be buying food from family farms and will actually meet & get to know the people who grow your food.
  • Fun – Farmers Markets have become an event in our house. You can buy your food for the week, buy breakfast, and listen to music.
  • Pasture-Raised Chickens – Chickens raised on their natural diet!
  • Pasture-Raised Eggs – Surprisingly thick shells – they don’t crack when you boil them!
  • Grass-Fed Beef – So much better and so much better for you! Read more about the Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef
  • Heritage Pork
  • It will change the way you eat & think of food!

My favorite San Antonio market is the Pearl Farmers Market!

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